The city in which the events of Kokoro Connect takes place. The town is not explicitly named, but the signs on the subway in the anime shows a station is called Yamaboshi North and the writing on the posters during the Club Presentation has the city's name on them.


A large city with residential and shopping districts. A large river runs through the town. 


  • The city featured in Kokoro Connect is based on Yokohama city.
  • In the novel, there were two hints that this series takes place in Yokohama, more specifically in an area called Center Kita. The city in the series was said to be an ordinance designated city which Yokohama is one. The other hint was the ferris wheel on top of a shopping mall which is only found at the Mosaic Center of Yokohama City. In the anime adapatation, many of the locations shown were accurately drawn to be those of Yokohama. In the credits there is a special thank you to the Yokohama Film Association.



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