In Asu Random II, the entire class (30 students) of first and second year students experience various phenomenons at No.3's hands while trapped in the Isolation Dimension. The student body is split into six groups of five based on their friendships and/or club affiliations, and each group is subjected to a different phenomenon. 

List of Phenomenons Seen

  1. A Group of Girls From Inaba's Class: One member of the group is randomly made invisible to the other members. The victim cannot be detected by any of the other members' five senses. However, people outside of the group can still acknowledge the target. While the phenomenon is in effect, only the target member retains memories of the phenomenon's rules. In effect, the target ceases to exist for a while.
  2. Gym Group: While the phenomenon is in effect, one member suddenly perceives the other members as frightful, hostile enemies. When the phenomenon activates and who is affected is random.
  3. Chihiro and Shino's First Year Friends: One person of the group is given the power to issue commands to the rest of the group. Any command given is obeyed without question. Commands that cannot be done in a short amount of time will be attempted until the time limit for the phenomenon is over similar to the rules of Desire Unleash.
  4. Ishikawa Daisuke, Watase Shingo, Setouchi Kaoru, Nakayama Mariko: This phenomenon forces each member's likes and dislikes to change in unpredictable ways. For example, Mariko suddenly liked Watase and became affectionate towards him despite being in a relationship with Ishikawa. The emotions that are forced onto them are so strong that it can change their behaviour and even make them do things they normally wouldn't do. 
  5. Jazz Band Club: At random times, this phenomenon will force a member to tell a lie even if they don't want to.
  6. Student Council Executives: Fujishima and the rest of the council experienced a random change in "roles". For example, Fujishima is leader of the Executives, but, when the phenomenon is occurring, she might become the subordinate, following whatever someone else is saying and not voicing an opinion at all.