Nagase Reika
Personal Infomation
Name (Kanji) 永瀬 玲佳
Name Nagase, Reika
Gender Female
Age 37
Family Iori - Daughter
Media Debut
Seiyū Tanaka, Atsuko (田中 敦子)

Molly Searcy (English)

Novel Debut Volume 3, Chapter 8
Anime Debut Episode 1

Nagase, Reika (永瀬 玲佳) is the mother of Iori. She is currently a single mother, though in the past married and divorced (or at least been in an intimate relationship with) five men who would serve as father figures to a young Iori. During the course of the series, Reika is often out at night, leaving her daughter to take care of herself independently.

Character Overview


Reika, is shown to be a calm and nurturing mother to Iori and has proven willing to sacrifice her own happiness if it's for the sake of something she believes her daughter could benefit from. Despite her kind nature, Reika carefully hides a very strong-minded, one could say even aggressive, personality that surfaces when the situation calls for it.


Reika is a fairly tall woman with noticeably brown hair that contrasts with her daughter's dark purple. Like her daughter, she possesses dark blue eyes and a prominent beauty mark on her chin, though hers is on her left side. Her skin is described as being very white and her beauty is admired by many.



  • Nagase Iori: Reika's daughter. The two are shown to be quite close and share a lot in common such as their ability to change their personality to appease others, their willingness to endure hardships if it's for the other's sake and, of course, their signature beauty marks.


  • Yaegashi Rina: Reika and Taichi's mother met at the Cultural Festival and while there, she also met Rina. The two later work together to find out what has been causing the strange behaviours of Taichi and Iori in Asu Random I.