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Every school has their collection of people who just don't fit in. The five members of Yamaboshi High's Cultural Research Club are a case example. Consisting of one wrestling geek, the peppy popular girl, a cool loner, a class clown, and one petite karate prodigy, the CRC are certainly the most interesting lot around.

Unfortunately, a certain supernatural being by the name of Heartseed couldn't agree more. With his mysterious powers, the Cultural Club find themselves switching bodies with one another for the sake of his amusement. Needless to say, the bizarre phenomenon quite literally forces the friends to walk a mile in each other's shoes. Trying to keep their worlds from falling apart, the Cultural Club learn new things about each other and themselves as they unearth hidden secrets, gain valuable friendships and maybe even discover a little love along the way.

Student Cultural Society Members
Featured Article

Heartseed (ふうせんかずら Fūsen Kazura?)

The supernatural being responsible for causing many of the mysterious phenomenons. The StuCS club members are left with little choice but to be his amusement, each time overcoming his trials until Heartseed is adequately entertained. (read more)

Did You Know...
  • That Himeko Inaba left the Computer Club after she got into an argument with the Computer Club President?
  • That Iori Nagase's mother has been divorced 7 times?
  • That Inaba usually call Taichi a Selfless Freak?
  • That Yui Kiriyama suffers from androphobia; a fear of men?
  • That in Yume Random, Yui Kiriyama aspires to become a police officer and plans on taking Art courses in her 3rd year?
  • That Heartseed considered Aoki Yoshifumi as the weakest member of the five?
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The point of life isn’t to be perfect. It’s to do want you want to do, to be who you want to be. That’s how I should be trying to live.

Iori Nagase

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