Kokoro Connect Volume 04
Volume Title Michi Random
Release Date January 29, 2011
Number of Pages 319
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Kokoro Connect Michi Random (ココロコネクトミチランダム) is a Japanese light novel written by Sadanatsu Anda, with illustrations by Shiromizakana. Volume 4 was released on Janurary 29, 2011. Michi Random was adapted into Anime Episodes 14 to 17.


It's the final term for the Student Cultural Society and Taichi wants to spend it with Iori, but all is not well for the StuCS president. Taking on a darker, brooding personality that Iori calls her "true self," she indadvertedly undermines the very friendships she has worked so hard to protect. Meanwhile, a troubled classmate schemes against the new Iori and the rest of the StuCS members are caught in the crossfire. With the Cultural Society in the midst of Heartseed's latest phenomenon, which forces them to read each other's minds (and every dark thought they have), the future of the StuCS is thrown into uncertainty.



Chapter 1 - A Love Confession by Yaegashi Taichi

Chapter 2 - A Valentine's Day for Inaba Himeko

Chapter 3 - The Battle Method of Aoki Yoshifumi

Chapter 4 - The Love Dilemma for Yaegashi Taichi

Chapter 5 - The Striving Act of Kiriyama Yui

Chapter 6 - The Realization of Inaba Himeko

Chapter 7 - The Conciliation for Yaegashi Taichi

Chapter 8 - The Decision of Nagase Iori

Chapter 9 - The Turning Point for Yaegashi Taichi

Epilogue: A New Chapter for Nagase Iori

Author's Notes

Novel Illustrations


  • "Michi" translates to "Path" if written as 道, or "Unknown" if written as 未知.
  • Each Chapter of this volume includes the full name of a main character.


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