Kokoro Connect Volume 02
Volume Title Kizu Random
Release Date May 29, 2010
Number of Pages 325
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Kokoro Connect Kizu Random (ココロコネクトキズランダム) is a Japanese light novel written by Sadanatsu Anda, with illustrations by Shiromizakana. Kizu Random was released on May 29, 2010. This volume was adapted into Anime Episodes 6 to 10.


The Student Cultural Society's darkest hour has passed, but a new phenomenon is initiated by the mysterious Heartseed, one that threatens to tear the friends apart. While one of the StuCS members chooses to hide from the phenomenon out of fear for everyone's safety, another distances herself from her friends, harboring a deep secret that could destroy their fellowship. The fallout that results scatters the StuCS members, making them question their bonds, but one member refuses to give up on her friends.



Chapter 1 - Can't Stop It, Can't Stop It, Can't Stop It!

Chapter 2 - By the Time We Realized It, It Had Already Begun (II)

Chapter 3 - Have Our Lives Changed?

Chapter 4 - The Collapse and Detachment of Their Bonds

Chapter 5 - Working Together to Help the Collapsed

Chapter 6 - Found Out by Accident

Chapter 7 - Hiking Turned Out to Be a Battlefield

Chapter 8 - To Act Out What Has Been Said

Epilogue: Inaba Himeko Strikes Back

Author's Notes

Novel Illustrations


  • "Kizu" (傷) translates to "Wound" or "Scar."
  • "Kizu" (瑕) can also mean "Flaw" in Chinese.
  • The last two sentences in the epilogue were used in the promotional commercial for the anime adapatation of Kokoro Connect. "For example, I understood something recently. Humans are not creatures who just suspect, hate, dislike, keep distances, hide, escape, abominate, and reject. Humans live to love and be loved." Each member of the StuCS says part of this excerpt, however this was ultimately omitted from the final version of the anime.


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