Katou Takumi
Template Katou
Personal Infomation
Name (Kanji) 加藤拓海
Name Katou Takumi
Gender Male
Occupation Student
School Yamaboshi High School
Club Student Cultural Society
Media Debut
Novel Debut Volume 11

Katou Takumi (加藤拓海) is a new first year student who joins the Student Cultural Society in Precious Times. The short story, 'New Students, Be Ambitious' is entirely written from his perspective. He is quiet, shy young man and can usually be found alone in the classroom, and does not stand out in groups.

Character Overview


Takumi is a very quiet person who does not interact with any of the other students in his classes. He does not like participitating in group activites such as volleyball in Physical Education class because he would not have a partner. He also does not like standing out and was shocked by Shino suddenly hugging him in public.

Key Problem

Katou's lack of ambition has lead him to a life of regret and missed opportunities. He has long been bitter, feeling helpless, but later realizes that he must create his own opportunities to interact with others. Katou decides to take his first step towards being more ambitious by knocking on the door of the StuCS's clubroom.


  • There is no description or picture of his appearance.