Nagase Iori's Story

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Hito Random arc

What started off as a normal day for Nagase Iori (which is to say, plenty of goofing around and flamboyant shouting), quickly became anything but when Yui and Aoki claim to have swapped bodies the previous night. Like the rest of the Cultural Research Club, Iori is hesitant to believe their story but after she and Taichi switch bodies themselves, they quickly accept that something very bizarre is in the works.

Kizu Random arc

Becomes slightly concerned when people fail to realize any deviations from her usual self even when her 'Impulses are Unleashed'. Later realizes Inaba has fallen in love Taichi and encourages her not to hide her feelings.

Kako Random arc

Takes advantage of the phenomenon by striving to find her original self while she was still a child and not yet altering her personas. She is later made an offer by Heartseed to return back in time to any age to redo her life. Iori eventually settles her crisis with her second stepfather by admitting to her mother that she does not need a father to be happy.

Michi Random arc

Undergoes a drastic change in personality when she begins believing that people only like her for her cheerful persona and do not understand her true self. Iori starts questioning her own feelings towards Taichi and rejects his confession because he only sees the ideal version of her. The 'Sentiment Transmission' phenomenon reveals her inner bitterness and as a result, Iori begins alienating herself from her friends. Her hostility indirectly causes the StuCS's club presentation project to be vandalized. Eventually, Iori chooses to stop caring about finding her original self and instead chooses to follow her feelings and live freely. She later proves instrumental in saving Inaba who was kidnapped by thugs and subsequently makes amends with her friends.