Illusion Projection (幻想投影) is the fifth supernatural phenomenon the StuCS experience. Only the two new members, Enjouji Shino and Uwa Chihiro, were given this power by Heartseed. This is the featured phenomenon in Nise Random.


Illusion Projection grants the user the ability to take on the appearance of anyone. The illusion is just that, a superficial projection rather than a biological change, and the image projected is only seen by the five original members of the StuCS and can only be used on them. The power is activated by merely saying who the user wants to be and lasts as long as the user desires. The user does not even need to specifically know the target's name and merely needs to have a general idea of them. The phenomenon projects the same appearance, clothes, voice, dialect, speaking style, smell and even things the person may have in their pocket. However, the person using this ability does not gain any knowledge or the memories of the person they are impersonating.

This phenomenon can only be used in one-on-one encounters or it can create a paradox if two or more people observe the illusion at the same time. This is due to the illusion being created by what a person believes the illusion should look like. If two different people look at the same illusion, the backlash will inflict amnesia upon both observers, which is known as "Forced Termination".


  • This is the only phenomenon that the original five members of the Cultural Club do not get to use and is the only phenomenon named by Chihiro.
  • It is also the only phenomenon to date that Chihiro and Shino are directly involved in.