Hirata Ryouko
Personal Infomation
Name (Kanji) 平田 涼子
Name Hirata Ryouko
Gender Female
  • Math Teacher
  • Class 1-B Homeroom Teacher
School Yamaboshi High School
Media Debut
Novel Debut Volume 1, Chapter 2
Anime Debut Episode 2

Hirata Ryouko (平田 涼子) is a teacher in her early twenties at Yamaboshi High and serves as Aoki and Yui's homeroom teacher during their first year. She teaches math. Hirata is frequently possessed by No.2After the Cultural Festival, Hirata Ryouko and Tanaka had a public confession in front of the school. After three years since the confession at the cultural festival, Hirata Ryouko and Tanaka got married.

Character Overview


Hirata is depicted as a kind, nurturing teacher, but is also capable of being stern.


Hirata is depicted as a woman of average height and build. She has medium-length hair and dresses in standard, business-appropriate attire. Hirata requires glasses to supplement her poor eyesight and has green eyes. Many students admire her appearance since she is young.


  • In the anime, Ryouko's hair is black, but in the Visual Novel, it is shown to be brown.
  • After marrying Tanaka, she changed her surname to Tanaka officially, but in school she is still called Hirata-sensei by the students.