Himeko's Brother
Personal Infomation
Gender Male
Occupation College Student
Family Inaba - Younger Sister
Media Debut
Seiyū Okano, Kōsuke (岡野 浩介)
Novel Debut Volume 2, Epilogue
Anime Debut Episode 1

Inaba's unnamed older brother who lives with his sister and family. He is a university student and does not get along particularly well with his younger sister

Character Overview


Inaba's brother typically carries a cool disposition, though it is implied he and his sister rarely bother to interact with each other. He often makes smart remarks in response to Inaba giving him the cold shoulder, but is also quick to become worried when his sister acts strangely.


He is an average-heighted young man with black hair and brown eyes.



  • Inaba Himeko: Inaba and her brother, for unexplained reasons, do not get along very well and she prefers to avoid speaking with him. Despite this, he does get worried if he notices something is wrong with Inaba. Before leaving for the Isolation Dimension in Asu Random I, Inaba asked her brother what he would do if she went missing or became someone she's not. He replied that he would cry. Although creeped out, Inaba admitted she would do the same for him. As she left, Inaba told her brother not to worry about the marriage ceremony he talked about before which shocked him. However, her brother didn't know if she was joking or not.


  • Inaba's brother is known to frequently bring home girls from his college.