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Future Predictions (未来予知) is a phenomenon featured in the PSP game, Kokoro Connect Yochi Random. In Yochi Random, the phenomenon was a power given to the members of the StuCS. This phenomenon makes an official appearance in Asu Random II as a power bestowed to the student council members.


The members of the group are given the power to foresee a prediction of that will happen to a fellow member of the group. They will only see an image and must use the clues in the image to decipher the meaning of the prediction. When the phenomenon activates and which member the prediction is about is completely random. How far into the future the prediction is is also random. As such, it is possible for one to see a prediction that will occur within a half hour or even 10 years into the future. Each "future" foreseen can be either avoided or allowed to play out as predicted. Whenever a prediction is averted or allowed to occur, another prediction will be foreseen to take its place. As usual, the phenomenon only ends when Heartseed is satisfied.