Emotion Transmission
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Novel Debut

Michi Random

Emotion Transmission (感情伝導)is the fourth supernatural phenomenon the members of the StuCS experience and the third phenomenon imposed by Heartseed. It is the featured phenomenon in Michi Random. This phenomenon makes a reappearance in Asu Random II, but this time Taichi's classmates, Sone and Miyagami, and three other boys experience it.


This phenomenon manifests as a form of telepathy as described by Inaba, but the timing, transmitter and receiver are all random. The receiver will be able to hear the inner thoughts of the transmitter and also feel their emotions at that time. The receivers will not know who else received the emotions and message, but the transmitter will know who they sent their thoughts and emotions to.


  • This is the only phenomenon that is explained via flashback, and the characters are already in the midst of the phenomenon.