Anda Sadanatsu (庵田定夏) is the writer of Kokoro Connect. He is also known for Aoi Haru no Subete, and Kyou ga Saigou no Jinruida to Shite mo.

In 2009, Anda entered a short story, Human Bonds, Where Are They? (ヒトツナガリテ、ドコへユク? Hito Tsunagari te, Doko e Yuku? ), into the Enterbrain's 11th Entertainment Awards, Light Novel Famitsu Bunko Division, and the story won the Special Prize. The story was later revised, retitled "Kokoro Connect: Hito Random", and went on to become the first volume of Kokoro Connect, published January 30, 2010.[1]


  • In the afterword of the first volume, Anda notes that he was in his third year of university when he received the prize, just as he was "worrying over where to go with his life", and was even more confused afterwards. However, he reassures that he was very thankful for the prize.[2]


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